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What hairstyle can match my face?

Triangular faceļ¼šthis under cheekbones of this face is wider than the eyebrow and cheekbones, girls like this are proper for long hair, the forehead bangs trimmed fall naturally, make hair mixed levels.

Square face: the forehead is wide enough and cheeks are more prominent, girls like this could choose curls and make the modified using fluffy bangs oblique face, at the same time, the long straight hair would also be a good choice, using chopped bangs covering his forehead forehead, make hair mixed levels.

Diamond face: this under cheekbones of this face is wider than the eyebrow and cheekbones, under cheekbones is very sharp, girls like this could add width and thickness, lower part of the expansion was styling hair, overall outline is full.

Round face: girls like this give us cute and tender style, show the head totally and choose the slight hair or make the hair higher than the head. The top hair had better be shorter than two sides and back hair, that stretch outline of the head.

Rectangle face: girls like this are proper for the nature and fluffy hair style, there must be adequate to cover the forehead hair curtain, it looks more comfortable and relax the cheeks.

Oval face: girls like this are lucky enough, they are born to own the perfect face and choose the hair style they like.

Heart face: the forehead and cheekbones are wider than the cheeks, girls like this are not proper for the mini hair and long hair, they could choose short hair and medium length hair, the hair is close to the hair, the curls also could be the good choice and make the whole style fluffy.