Difference between full lace wigs and lace front wigs

Full lace wigs have a part that is made of lace and lace front wigs are covered your whole head even back of your head. Because of this, full lace wigs are more popular and you can design various hairstyles with your wigs, but lace front wigs can not. Therefore, price of lace front wigs are higher.

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The main difference of the two wigs are the materials. Lace front wigs use the lace only on the front part of the wigs and other part often use thick materials. However, those materials are still very comfortable.

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Lace front wigs look like real hair because the lace is almost not seen.Nowadays cheap lace front wigs and blonde lace front wigs for women are popular because they are their prices are lower than full lace wigs but their qualities are good.