How to choose wigs and attentions of choosing them

For those people who are allergic to pigskin, sheepskin should choose wigs carefully, and you should chosse better wigs such as full lace wigs, Brazilian hair or lace front wigs instead of synthetic wigs.

There is no need for you to take special care of your wigs and you just need to comb the chaotic place slowly. You should separate the curly hair with your hand and you can not leave the wigs on a shelf, otherwise they will increasingly disorderly! In addition, you can not dye or perm your wigs because you can not control the temperature and the overheating will make your hair burn off. So do not use hair dryer and you can use the cold wind. Others such as pruning or something physical processing are possible. When you get the new wigs, some floating hair will fall, it is the most loose hair and after you comb those floating hair, your wigs will seldom fall.

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Therefore, when you get wigs, there is no need for you to worry about the loss hair and you should comb them use steel teeth comb because plastic or wood comb will do harm to your hair. In addition to those curly hair that do not need to comb, other parts of the comb need to comb. When you comb them, you should wear the wig on the head and press the hair root an then you can comb. Do not pull, you should comb from down to above.