You can choose cheap 100 human hair wigs

Maybe you like various clothes can choose the most suitable one to make you beautiful and unique. Do you think that you can DIY your hair and nowadays, wigs become fashionable. Wearing fashionable wigs can make you have a new look. Next I will introduce ways of wearing wigs. However, not all human hair wigs are expensive and there exists cheap 100 human hair wigs.

1.You should wear the hair net from your head to your neck.

2.Let the elastic down and carry the other side.

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3.Do not expose your hair and tile your hair in the hair net to avoid the wigs uneven.

4.You do not need to fix your wigs and you can use clips to fix your hair instead.

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5.You can wear the wigs from front to back and there are two buttons that you can adjust your wigs and at the middle of the buttons, there are several grids that you can adjust the size of the wigs according to the size of your head.

6.You can check whether the wigs are worn correctly you can pinch your wigs with thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the wigs.

7.When you finish wearing the wigs, you can make them fluffy.

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