How to care about your fashionable wigs

There are more and more people loving wigs and wigs can be divided into long wigs and short wigs, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, full lace wigs and lace front wigs and so on. Today, I will tell you the tips of how to care about your short wigs and people who want their short wigs fashionable and beautiful can follow me.

1.Using anti-static steel Comb to comb your wigs instead of plastic comb.

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2. If your wigs are long, you can divide your wigs into several parts and comb them from the bottom to the top slightly and patiently.

3. After washing the wigs, you can add some hair conditioner to soak for five minutes and then using water to wash them.

4. Using dry towels to wipe the wigs slightly without twist the wigs.

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5. Using non-oily maintenance that is specially suitable for wigs can let them smooth and shiny and can prevent static electricity.

6. Support the wigs with a shelf and dry them in a ventilated place avoiding direct sunlight.