How to save and wash human hair wigs

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Wigs are similar to the real hair and they need to wash and maintain, so you need to use special maintenance. Many people do not know how to collect the wigs. If you put them in the closet, they will become edgy; if you put them in a packaging bag, they will deform; if you buy a fake mannequin head, the price is too expensive. How to do it? Here we teach you a good and cheap way.

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1.You can buy a smooth rubber ball in sports and the size of the ball like your own head.

2.Then you can find a plywood or a wood and put them together with glue. You can put the wigs on the model which is made by yourself and it is simple and cheap.

3.If you want to make your model more perfect, you can DIY a lovely hand-painted facial features and you can dress up this self-made “model”. It will add a lot of fun.

4.The human hair wigs should not clean often, in the case of daily wear, it is recommended 7-15 days in summer and 15-30 days in winter.