How to care about your fashionable wigs

There are more and more people loving wigs and wigs can be divided into long wigs and short wigs, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, full lace wigs and lace front wigs and so on. Today, I will tell you the tips of how to care about your short wigs and people who want their short wigs fashionable and beautiful can follow me.

1.Using anti-static steel Comb to comb your wigs instead of plastic comb.

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2. If your wigs are long, you can divide your wigs into several parts and comb them from the bottom to the top slightly and patiently.

3. After washing the wigs, you can add some hair conditioner to soak for five minutes and then using water to wash them.

4. Using dry towels to wipe the wigs slightly without twist the wigs.

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5. Using non-oily maintenance that is specially suitable for wigs can let them smooth and shiny and can prevent static electricity.

6. Support the wigs with a shelf and dry them in a ventilated place avoiding direct sunlight.

What do you worry about when you wear wigs

When you wear wigs, will others know and how do the effect of the wigs?

Popular wigs are fashionable and the design of them keep ahead of the industry, so the visual effects are as real as the real hair and others will not know that they are wigs. You can choose the wigs which are suitable for your face type and you will experience an adaptation period, then you will adapt the wigs.

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Are you worried about wearing wigs?

Men’s wigs have simple design and the wigs should just be worn directly on their head, so do women’s wigs. However, women’s long wigs and men’s classic designed wigs should be wear for many times. Practice make perfect.

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My head is large and how to choose wigs that are suitable for me?

Considering the size of head, design of popular wigs have straps which can adjust the wigs according the size of your head to suit for your head.

Therefore, you had better choose clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions.

How to save and wash human hair wigs

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Wigs are similar to the real hair and they need to wash and maintain, so you need to use special maintenance. Many people do not know how to collect the wigs. If you put them in the closet, they will become edgy; if you put them in a packaging bag, they will deform; if you buy a fake mannequin head, the price is too expensive. How to do it? Here we teach you a good and cheap way.

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1.You can buy a smooth rubber ball in sports and the size of the ball like your own head.

2.Then you can find a plywood or a wood and put them together with glue. You can put the wigs on the model which is made by yourself and it is simple and cheap.

3.If you want to make your model more perfect, you can DIY a lovely hand-painted facial features and you can dress up this self-made “model”. It will add a lot of fun.

4.The human hair wigs should not clean often, in the case of daily wear, it is recommended 7-15 days in summer and 15-30 days in winter.

What is mixture hair

In addition to human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, people often use some animal hair to make wigs. For example: yak hair, pony tail, camel hair and so on.
These animal hair mix with human hair or synthetic hair is mixture hair. Manufacturers generally will not mark animal hair on product packaging, but in the actual production, it is very common.

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Like some training heads, they are specifically for salons and students to practice and if they use real hair, the cost will be high. However, using a certain percentage of animal hair can be dyed and effectively reduce the cost.

Wigs collection is popular in our life. The main component of hair is keratin, accounting for about 85% to 90% of the total weight of the hair. In addition, it also contains trace elements, class of lipid, pigment and water. Human hair has a feeling of cold with good tenacity.

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Animal hair is close to human hair but different from human hair in the hardness and degree of thickness. By some chemical means of treatment, they can be used as an alternative raw material of human hair in a certain range.

How to care your wigs

Beautiful women often choose a wig to help have different shapes, the wig is very important and practical too to help you become modern lady . Good quality wig has a good-looking, more important is that there is no obvious difference between real hair and wigs, it looks just like the real one. What you know about wig care?

Comb your hair softly
Wigs should be combed before you wear them and after you wear the wigs you can just comb them slightly. The wig comb is generally scattered and you should comb your wigs obliquely and slightly without comb straightly.

Do not use hairpin

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In order to prevent the wig to blow away by wind, some people like to use hairpin to fix the wig. However, the clip can not be too tight, otherwise, it will easily to hook the nets of the wig. Therefore, you’d better not to use hair clips but use decorative hair straps to fix the wig.

Do not use your hands to twist and tighten the wig when you wash it

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Wigs that you often wear should be washed two or three months. Before washing, you should comb the wig and then use diluted hair conditioner to wash. Do not use your hand to twist and tighten the wigs or put the wigs in the washing liquid. You’d better use special wig shampoo.